snapshots of the week 38: Dublin + Paris

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I hope you enjoy one more week with my iphone pics! this week you´ll have a big report from Dublin and Paris! enjoy!!

Espero que disfrutéis una semana mas de mis capturas con el móvil! Esta semana es un recopilatorio de Dublín y París! enjoy!!

loving so much Christmas spirit at the airports in Dublin

our hotel room at The Merrion in Dublin was such a dream

giant Christmas tree at the lobby of the hotel in Dublin

happy breakfast

Primark s/s 13 collection

I want them so bad, perfect for a pool party!

Primark s/s 13 catalogue

what I wore

some appetizers at Primark presentation

in love with Dublin streets

new skull for my new home!

good night!

good morning from Dublin

chocolates for my parents

new Nike sneakers!

Lunch time


mmmm hot chocolate at Bakery house in Dublin

Dublin walls…a classic

ñam! Caesar salad

last breakfast in Dublin

comfy travelling outfit

hello Paris!!

Christmas spirit at Starbucks!

love Paris with Christmas lights!

good night from Paris!!

hello! it´s freezing here!

my Isabel Marant babes reunited at their original home: Paris



I want one!

flowers in Paris

just relax

lunch time

love this pic!

just arrived at Le Maison de Famille with Louis Vuitton

love the deco, specially the white roses

our hotel, The Mandarin is so damn beautiful

work work work at the Louis Vuitton atelier

views from our room

peace wearing my cornwallst mini rings

dinner with the team!

good morning from Paris

inside Louis Vuitton store

loved L´espace culturel of Louis Vuitton

Paris + my love

finally back home…


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