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White is without a doubt my favorite colour for the summer time. Right now, I even have my nails in that tone (lol). I think it is a fantastic choice and for several reasons:

First of, it looks great when you get your summer tan as it will highlight your summer skin tone. Furthermore, it is a universal solution when creating combos. It will fit with any color you can think of. Finally, it is sun repellent and will always feel cooler than any other colour.

As you´ll have probably noticed, many of the designs in my brand are white. As I just stated, the reason for that is because of how much I love that colour for my various styles. This is how we got to design the Paros dress in white. I believe its colour makes it into one of the most versatile pieces we have on our website.

I love combining that dress with wide hats, simple sandals and raffia bags. In these photos we took in LA, you´ll see just how I do that.

How would you go about accessorizing this dress? Can´t wait to hear your comments on that. In the meantime, I hope you´re having a great Monday :)!

El blanco es sin duda mi color favorito para el verano, si me paro a pensar…hasta llevo las uñas de este color. Es fantástico por varias razones: primero, es un color que sienta fenomenal cuando ganas un poco de color, segundo es el color que mejor combina con todo por excelencia y tercero es súper fresco.

Muchas de las prendas de mi marca son blancas porque como os digo, es un color que me encanta a la hora de vestir, y quizá nuestro vestido Paros sea uno de los más versátiles que tenemos en la web.

Me encanta combinarlo con sombreros de ala ancha, sandalias sencillas y bolsos de rafia como he hecho en este look que llevé durante nuestro viaje a Los Ángeles. Espero vuestros comentarios.


dress: Lovely Pepa (s/s 17) (here)
bag: bought at LA flea market
sandals: Sigerson Morrison
hat: Lack of Colors


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