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This is the first set of photos from LA.

One of the best things about this city is the beauty of its sunsets. Everyday, I wait for that time when I can look up to the ubiquitous palm trees with a background of pink skies. It is a beautiful thing to see, unique in its own way.

Going back to fashion matters, I’m wearing a dress I got a while back. It is by Forever 21. It fitted beautifully with the leather flats that appear in the pictures as well as my new Levi’s jacket. The embroidered palm trees make it look like it was designed to be worn in LA. Wouldn’t you say so?

Wrapping up on this one, I guess the bottom line of this one is to show that we can always find old garments to rescue. We can always make up new combos with old purchases items that are already at our hand’s reach. The only thing is to look at them in a different way.

How about you guys? Anyone likes to mix and match the old and the new?

Aquí tenéis las primeras fotos de nuestro viaje a LA. La verdad es que las puestas de sol aquí son preciosas. Mirad al cielo rosa lleno de palmeras es algo único. Hicimos estas fotos en las que llevo un vestido antiguo pero que me sigue encantando de Forever 21, que combiné con sandalias de cuero y esta cazadora de la nueva colección de Levi´s que no puede ser más perfecta para Los Ángeles ¿no creéis?

¿A quién más le encanta rescatar viejos vestidos del armario?

Espero vuestros comentarios.

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denim jacket: Levi´s (s/s 17) (here)
dress: Forever 21 (old )
sandals: Sigerson Morrison
bag: See by Chloé (s/s 17) (here)
sunglasses: Ray Ban


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