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Today, we’re going back to the wonderful island of Bali and more particularly to its beaches.

Ghassan and I woke up one day and decided to hop on our bike and head out towards the south of the Island. More precisely, we went to the Uluwatu area. For those of you who have visited, you’ll know that it is a surfer’s paradise due to the presence of very strong currents and even more impressive waves. The downside is that you might bump into quite a few tourists so say goodbye to a quiet day at the beach. Due to that, I’m thinking that next time I’m in Bali, I’d like to go to more remote spots such as Lombok, Gilli or Komodo (like the dragons) where the waters are crystal clear but more importantly, where beaches are desert.

Going back to our day in Uluwatu, we first spent some time visiting the Royal temple and later on passed through another one called Tanah Lot (not sure wether that’s the name of the spot or the temple that stands there). All in all it was a very interesting day although the scorching heat and humidity felt like I was suffocating. Getting to Uluwatu temple, that feeling quickly went away as it is located on top of a windy cliff by the sea. The breeze therefore was offsetting everything that was bothering me earlier on. More importantly, the location of the temple on top of the cliffs as well as the view you have from there, made it quite worth the while.

That day, I went for a light beach dress from Asos. I particularly loved the colour contrast with the cherries on the bag, which is why I decided to order it. Put on a nice pair of sunglasses and a bandana et voilà! Later on that day and after going to the beach, I changed into a maxi dress that from Revolve that I got a couple of years back. I’m still in love with this piece same as the first time I saw it.

On that note, I hope you like what I have in store for you today and can’t wait to hear your comments on this last post.

Vuelta a Bali y sus increíbles playas.

Uno de nuestros días en la isla decidimos ir al sur y visitar Uluwatu. Es una zona perfecta para surfistas. Las playas de la isla son conocidas por sus increíbles olas, que son realmente grandes. En nuestra próxima visita queremos pasar unos días en las islas cercanas a Bali como Lombok, Gilli o Komodo donde reina la tranquilidad y las aguas cristalinas son su seña de identidad.

Después de visitar en Templo Real y Tanah Lot, nos fuimos directos a una de sus playas (perdonad porque no recuerdo el nombre, pero tampoco la recomendaría mucho…) y pasamos allí unas cuantas horas, disfrutando del sol y del calor. La humedad en el sur de la isla es terrible, la ropa se te pega y hasta cuesta respirar. A pesar de que era bastante agobiante decidimos visitar el tiempo de Uluwatu que es realmente impresionante por sus acantilados y la disposición del templo.

Para ese día elegí un mini vestido playero de Asos, a juego con la bolsa de cerezas que me pareció super mona cuando la vi en la web. Lo combiné con bandana y gafas de sol. Más tarde me cambié y me puse un maxi vestido que tiene ya un par de años de Revolve, y que me sigue enamorando como el primer día. Espero que disfrutéis de las fotos. Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.

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dress: Asos (s/s 17) (here)
bandana: Zara (s/s 17)
beach bag: Asos (s/s 17) (here)
bikini: Zara (s/s 17)
bag: Bought in Santiago de Compostela


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