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The mornings in Bali are quite incredible and I’ve been enjoying them more than ever. Every day, we’d start up around 5:00 am, hop on a bike and move on to explore the endless sights the island has to offer. This place is truly magic and my past two weeks here feel like a dream from which I unfortunately to wake up 🙁 (but don’t want to)…

A few days ago, I visited the Tibumana waterfall. It is a wonderful oasis of in the middle of the jungle (like most things out here). Should you like to enjoy the place in its full magic and without the disturbance that other visitors , I would suggest to be there first thing in the morning. Early birds get to see Bali in a whole different perspective :)!

My style for that day consisted of a pair of shorts, tee shirt by Mekkdes while, some sandals and a comfy backpack by Liebeskind. It was a perfectly suited accessory for this day on the road and I hope you like it as much as I did. What about your perfect getaway? Where would you ideally spend one day away from the world?

Desde que llegamos a Bali hemos estado disfrutando de las mañanas más que nunca en mi vida. Nos levantamos a las 5 de la mañana y salimos con la moto a explorar los alrededores. Es sencillamente mágico. Hemos estado viviendo un sueño maravilloso del que no quiero despertar…

Hace unos días pusimos rumbo a la catarata Tibumana y estuvimos literalmente solos durante una hora y media. Disfrutamos de la magia del lugar y del camino que nos llevó hasta allí que era realmente espectacular…

Para mi día explorando me vestí con shorts y mi nueva camiseta de Mekkdes que combiné con sandalias y mochila de Liebeskind. Perfecta y cómoda para un día lleno de sorpresas. Espero vuestros comentarios.


tee: Mekkdes (s/s 17) (here)
shorts: MIH Jeans (old (similar here and here)
backpack: Liebeskind (s/s 17) (here)
swimsuit: bought in Venice Beach


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