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One of my most memorable days in Portugal was one when we went to watch the sunrise from Ponta da Piedade. We were on the road at 5:00 in the morning to make sure that we wouldn’t miss the first light at one of the most famous spots of the Algarve coast. It took me quite some effort to wake up as I had been working quite late the night before. However, a little suffering was definitely worth the while… The images that we were able to capture turned out precious. The best part of it all is that we were all alone, something that is quite difficult to achieve in most places during the month of August.

Later that day, we spent our time driving along the coast and discovering the town of Lagos. For the occasion, I slipped in our beautiful Bali tunic, covered in pretty unique print. It was quite a coincidence when I found a ceramic wall with a similar pattern in that town. Taking these shots was quite easy due to the beautiful morning light and in most parts of Portugal, every small corner looks precious.

Once we got checked with photo duty, we moved on to relax at one of the local beaches and spent the rest of our day under the sun and catching up with some reading. These are moments that will always stick with me.

On that note, I’ll be leaving you and I hope that you’re spending a fabulous Monday 🙂


Uno de mis días favoritos en Portugal fue el día que decidimos levantarnos a las 5 de la mañana y conducir hasta Ponta da Piedade para ver el amanecer desde uno de los lugares más famosos del Algarve. Fue un esfuerzo bastante grande porque la noche anterior nos quedamos trabajando hasta tarde, pero mereció mucho la pena porque las vistas y las imágenes que pudimos hacer fueron preciosas, y lo mejor: Estábamos solos, algo que en pleno agosto en cualquier lugar del mundo es prácticamente imposible.
Para nuestra jornada descubriendo la costa y la pequeña localidad de Lagos, me puse nuestra túnica Bali, que tiene un print único y que curiosamente parecía literalmente inspirado en los azulejos que nos encontramos en la zona. No fue nada complicado hacer fotos ya que la luz de mañana era ideal, y cada rinconcito del pueblo nos parecía precioso. 
Más tarde nos fuimos, entonces sí, a relajarnos a una de las playas de la zona y pasamos allí el día tomando el sol y leyendo. Memorias que se quedarán para siempre conmigo…


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sandals: Raye the Label (old)
bag: Chanel
bag 2: bought in Bali
hat: H&M
sunglasses: Valentino


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