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Hey guys!

New day, new city… This morning I am posting from Los Angeles and I can’t wait to share some of the great moments we had during the past few days.

We lived some of our most memorable times in San Francisco during our visit to the Levi’s stadium. This giant arena is located in the outskirts of the city and has been recently inaugurated (August 2014). What struck me most about it is the sheer size of the structure: it is truly huge!

Obviously, I couldn’t go there without sitting for a game… American culture is strongly centred around sports and in the US, American football is the king of sports. In the past I’ve sat at a basketball game watching the Knicks play the Nets but this time, my experience was even more intense. I do not pretend knowing much about the NFL or American football but the setting, the fans, the cheering kept the adrenaline up and electrified the atmosphere :)!

One of the perks of being invited by Levi’s is that we got to watch the game from their own VIP room. Needless to say that we got the full treatment. We had the best view in the stadium and were provided with blankets to keep us warm (San Francisco can be quite cold around this time of the year). Last but not least, we feasted on hot dogs, burgers, samosas and pop corn. A menu befitting the setting ;)!

The jacket I’m wearing in the photos is from Levi’s. You’ll notice that we’re flying the colours of the local team: the 49ers. I figured that being in their home turf, it was common courtesy to support the local talent :)! It is worth mentioning that the ivory sweater from Wolfamb did keep kept me warm during the game.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I’ll be looking forward to your comments :)!

Buenos días desde Los Ángeles chicos! Ésta ha sido una semana increíble y hoy comienzo a compartir con todos vosotros pequeños momentos de mi bonita experiencia con Levi´s.

Uno de los mejores momentos de este viaje, fue la visita al Estadio de Levi´s a las afueras de San Francisco que se inauguró en agosto de 2014 y que es inmenso y realmente impresionante. Evidentemente, como muchos de vosotros podréis adivinar, no soy una seguidora acérrima de la liga NFL, pero el simple hecho de poder vivir todo lo que rodea a un partido como éste, es muy emocionante.
Ya he tenido la oportunidad de vivir dos partidos de Baloncesto con los KNICKS y los NETS, pero nunca uno de fútbol americano…y tengo que reconocer que, aunque me gustaron más los de baloncesto, ha sido espectacular.

Estuvimos en la sala privada que pertenece a Levi´s y que está en una muy buena localización. En la sala no faltaba de nada: mantas para el frío, hot dogs, hamburguesas, samosas, o palomitas entre otras delicias para que la experiencia fuese perfecta.
En las fotos llevo cazadora de Levi´s dedicada al equipo: 49Niners, y sweater de Wolfamb en color marfil que se ocupó de mantenerme calentita durante todo e partido.

Espero vuestros comentarios!!



jacket: Levi´s

sneakers: Levi´s

pants: Zara (old)

Angora sweater: Wolflamb (au/w 15-16)


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