illustrations VIII

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When I receive this type of presents on my email I always try to show you them as soon as possible, I couldn’t upload the post that I talked because I didn´t have enough time, so I show you this amazing drawings, the first one was made by Alicia and here you have her blog, and the second one was a present from Jess from the blog Hapa Time, you can visit it by clicking here, I recommend them a lot! Thanks a lot!! as I always say…when people spend their drawing you…it´s a complete honor! 🙂

Siempre que recibo este tipo de regalos intento enseñároslos en el blog lo antes posible… como no he podido subir el post que os comenté por falta de tiempo, os dejo con estos dos maravillosos dibujos, el primero me lo ha hecho Alicia, aquí os dejo su blog; y el segundo se lo tengo que agradecer a Jess del blog Hapa Time, podéis visitarlo pinchando aquí, os recomiendo ambos!!! lo dicho, muchísimas gracias!! como siempre…que alguien dedique  su tiempo a dibujarme es un orgullo 🙂



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