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Hello LA!

I hope all of you wonderful readers are having an amazing week so far. Today however, I’m taking you to Madrid for some Spanish vibes. In the photos featured in Today’s publication, you’ll see me wearing our new and redesigned Stella blouse. This time around, I thought that it would be nice to make it in black and sprinkle little white stars all over it :).

The result is a precious piece that is perfect for the fall season. I’ve been wearing quite a bit since I’ve received it and it has obviously come with me on my trip to California. I believe it is a very practical and versatile design and this is why I am sure to be putting it on again and again.

In these photos, I went for an all black combo with a black dress from H&M. I’ve had the latter for month but never had the opportunity to wear it (blogger problems). I also put on a new and wonderful pair of loafers that I got from Bally. They are truly amazing (I’m really in love with them).

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy what we had in store for you and I’ll be looking forward to receive your feedback on this combo. In the meantime, I hope you’re spending a spectacular day!

¡Buenos días desde Los Ángeles! Espero que estéis teniendo una semana genial. Hoy comparto con vosotros estas fotos de un look que llevé hace pocos días en Madrid. En ellas llevo nuestra nueva camisa Stella en negro con pequeñas estrellitas blancas.

Es sencillamente preciosa y perfecta para este otoño. Desde que la recibí me la he puesto ya 3 veces y por supuesto se ha venido conmigo a este viaje porque es muy práctica y polivalente.

En estas fotos lo llevaba con falda negra que compré en hym hace como un mes y no había tenido ocasión de ponérmela, y mis nuevos mocasines de Bally que son alucinantes, ¡No puedo dejar de ponérmelos!




shirt: Lovely Pepa (au/w 17-18) (here)
skirt: H&M (au/w 17-18)
shoes: Bally
hat: Asos (au/w 17-18) (here)
bag: YSL


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