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There are moments in which I can get lost. Those are typically the times when I’m not stressed or under a tight schedule.
Those are the moments when you’re hanging out, wasting time at home.
Those are the moments like those lazy Sunday mornings, when you decide you want to stay stuck to your bedsheets rather than doing anything else.
Those are the moments when you give in to the temptation of the ‘five more minutes’ on week days, before you end up realizing you slept in for half an hour.
Those are the moments when you get back to bed after having breakfast and fall back asleep.

In short, those are the sometimes insignificant yet exquisite moments which I see as small pleasures of life.

One of the things that makes us see those times as special is the contrast they establish with our daily routines. Therefore, using yourself in those moments is strongly correlated with successfully achieving your day-to-day goals.The latter point implies a good time management.

One thing that never fails to keep me in check with my schedule is my Sheen wristwatch by Casio. I don’t know about you, but I have to confess that I am quite a compulsive wrist checker (right wrist checker to be more precise). I have a built in reflex where I constantly check the time, even on the occasions when I’m not wearing a watch… It is truly an instinctive gesture that I do not control… And although I live with my face stuck on my phone screen, I still get to enjoy the ever classical movement of the needles of my watch’s screen.

I hope you enjoy this series of photos which is a little original… Finally, if I did not put you to sleep by the time you read these words then I encourage you to visit the website of Sheen by Casio. They recently released a new collection with great designs: 

Are you a wristwatch addict?

Hay momentos en los que me perdería, momentos para guardar en mi memoria, sin presiones, sin horarios, sin nada que hacer a lo largo del día..

Como nuestros domingos perezosos, cuando se nos pegan las sábanas y no podemos hacer nada para evitarlo, porque por mucho que lo intentes no conseguirás salir a no ser que sucumbas a la tentación de los malditos cinco minutos más.

Cuando tras el desayuno regresas a la cama. Qué bien sientan esos momentos!…

Pero no serían igual de valiosos sin nuestra rutina, sin nuestro día a día. Algo que jamás falta es mi reloj, mi Sheen de Casio. Confieso que soy de las que siguen girando su muñeca (derecha en mi caso) para mirar que hora es, incluso en las escasas ocasiones que no llevo reloj. Un gesto instintivo, básico… a pesar de vivir pegada a mi teléfono, me sigue encantando guiarme por las agujas de mi reloj. Espero que disfrutéis de estas fotos un poco diferentes…y que no os entren demasiadas ganas de dormir. No dejéis de visitar la web de Sheen de Casio para descubrir sus nuevos modelos…son preciosos.

¿Vosotros también sois adictas a vuestro reloj de muñeca?



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