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Good morning everyone!

Today is a very special day. First of, this afternoon, I will be unveiling the new perfume by Carolina Herrera: CH Central Park. The event is open to everyone and will take place at the Corte Ingles Castellana at 18:00. So, if it happens to be in Madrid come on over and let’s have some fun!

Another reason why this day is so exciting is because we’re finally going public on a project that we had planned for 2016. We had kept this a secret for sometime in order not to spoil the surprise. I had previously been approached by Wolfnoir in order to design a pair of sunglasses for their Sring / Summer collection of 2016. Needless to say that I thought it was an amazing idea. Since I discovered the brand (last year), I have been a great fan and have been quite fascinated with their designs.

As you can see, the design of the glasses is quite simple… I did not want to come up with something too eccentric as I wanted to go for a design that would be more appealing for an everyday use and could combine with a wide array of looks. The end result turned out exactly as we planned out… These sunglasses have a design that fits well with virtually any style.

The aspect that I like most about those glasses is the pink reflective glass… Pink is very trendy this season and you’ll be sure to look good wearing them :)… Finally, another selling point is their price. We’ve made them affordable so that everyone could have the option to be trendy ;)! On this note, I will leave you with the pictures of the campaign which have turned out to be beautiful! We had been working on them last week and it seems many of you were looking in the backstage through Snapchat :)!

A special thank you to Kley Kafé for the impecable makeup work and obviously to Wolfnoir to trust me with this amazing project :)!

You can find my design here, it’s called “Hathy Ace Sporty Rose”. How do you like them?

Buenos días chic@s!!! Hoy es un día muy especial. Para empezar ¡¡Esta tarde estaré presentando el nuevo perfume CH Central Parka de la mano de Carolina Herrera en El Corte Inglés de Castellana… os espero a todos a partir de las 18:00!!

Y además ayer hacía pública una de mis colaboraciones secretas de este 2016. Wolfnoir me propuso crear un par de gafas para su colección primavera verano y yo acepté encantada porque me fascina su marca desde que la conocí el año pasado.

El diseño, como veis, es muy sencillo… no hemos querido crear algo estrambótico que nadie se pueda poner, sino una gafa en la linea de Wolfnoir y con mi toque personal. Una gafa que me podría poner cada día porque combina con absolutamente todo…

Lo que más me gusta es su cristal reflectante en el color de la temporada: el rosa. Súper tendencia y además a un precio increíble para que todo el mundo pueda disfrutar de la moda.
La semana pasada estuvimos fotografiando (muchos pudisteis seguir el behind the scenes a través de mi Snapchat) las fotos para la campaña, y han quedado así de preciosas.
Gracias a Kley Kafé por un maquillaje impecable como siempre y gracias a Wolfnoir por confiar en mí para este proyecto que me apasiona.

Podéis encontrar mi modelo Lovely Pepa by Wolfnoir Hathy Ace Sporty Rose pinchando aquí.

¿Qué os parecen?



Lovely Pepa by Wolfnoir


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