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We’re starting the week with a few announcements. The first being that the blog is back online after a few days of interrupted service (an obvious fact since you’re reading these lines). Also, this week, I’ll be going on a long trip and starting with a special event in Milan. After that, we’ll be going to a new and exciting destination (somewhere I’ve been wanting to go to for years). All in all, I’m pretty hyped up about the things to come and I can’t wait to start sharing those moments with all of you guys. Stayed tuned on Instagram in order to get the latest updates :).

Going back to today’s post, I really liked this set of photos, mainly because I get to share our latest launch on Our new Genoa dress (featured in this publication) is now available for sale on our website.

One of the reasons I like this piece is for its versatile use. The navy colour allows for loads of combinations with different types of coats that most of us probably have in our dressers. Also, being a long dress, it looks great with over the knee boots, more regular ones, sneakers and works fine if you decide to wear with thighs underneath. Finally, the print will bring out an elegant and feminine aspect to the outfit. Surely, you’ll have also noticed the details on the chest, they give a beautiful bohemian touch.

In anycase, if you’re interested in checking out more novelties on our website, you can do so by clicking here.

On this note, I’ll wish you a happy Monday and hope that you have an awesome week. More than that, I’d like to hear about you guys. Did you like the dress? How would you combine it?

¡Buenos días! Ya estamos de vuelta por el blog y deseando compartir nuevas fotos con vosotros. Esta semana tenemos un evento en Milán y más tarde ponemos rumbo a un lugar en el que jamás he estado antes y que llevo años queriendo visitar, ilusión nivel 100%. Os iré enseñando todo a través de mis redes sociales como siempre.

Las fotos del post de hoy son muy especiales para mí porque en ellas os descubro nuestro último lanzamiento en Lovely Pepa Collection. Nuestro nuevo vestido Genoa que ha salido a la venta justamente hoy.

Me encanta por su versatilidad, al ser azul marino combina con un montón de abrigos que tengo en el armario y su largo hace que lo pueda combinar con botas altas, botines, deportivas o llevarlo con medias por ejemplo. Me encanta el print tan sencillo pero tan femenino y por su puesto los detalles de calado que tienen en la pechera llena de pequeños botoncitos que le dan un aire bohemio increíble.

Si queréis ver este vestido y otras novedades de nuestra web podéis acceder haciendo click aquí.

¿Qué os parece? ¿Cómo lo combinaríais vosotros?


dress: Lovely Pepa (au/w 17-18) (here)
boots: Zara (old)
coat: Zara (old)
cup: Lack of Colour
bag: Fendi (also love this and this one)
earring: APM Mónaco


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