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Hey guys!

Back to a more normal routine in my beloved Madrid. I’ve been enjoying this recent respite quite a bit. However, as all things come eventually to an end, we’ll be moving on to more interesting things very soon. I will be sharing something really special in the near future and can’t wait to see your faces when I finally unveil it <3!

As I said before, I’m taking advantage of the calm in order to catch up on work. There were many things that piled up during the holidays and the trip that followed. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to prepare the travels to come as well as all sorts of projects starting next week or pending for 2017.

Still, before we get to all of this, I’m still trying to delay the stress by doing the things that relax me such as buying flowers for the house or the office. You won’t believe how much I look forward to do these simple things whenever I get a few days at home. I guess my constant traveling makes me appreciate whatever moment of normalcy I might get my hands on.

After buying the flowers, I went on to have some photo taken for this look where I put on one of my fetiche coats for this winter. As many of you know, I’m a great fan of Mekkdes‘ work. More specifically, I really have come to love the designs for their coats. They really stand out and are quite different from what I see out there.

If you happen to think the same, today will be your lucky day as they have are offering a 20% on any purchase you make on their website. Just make sure to use the promo code SALES17 before completing your purchase. So if you were looking to buy something online, now would be a great moment.

In anycase, I’ll leave you with this latest publication and can’t wait to hear back from all of you. Have a great monday :)!

¡Hola a todos! De vuelta a la rutina, de vuelta a mi querida Madrid y disfrutando de estos días antes de que comiencen a ocurrir cosas muy muy interesantes y especiales. No puedo esperar para ver vuestras caras de verdad <3

Estos días, estamos aprovechando para ponernos al día con todo el trabajo acumulado tras las navidades y el trajín de viajes. Además de preparar nuevos viajes y cerrar todos los flecos para mi gran proyecto y otros trabajos que comienzan esta semana, me encanta escaparme de todas estas actividades que tienen mi estrés por las nubes y hacer cosas que me encantan como comprar flores para casa y para la oficina. Adoro poder hacer estas cosas tan simples mientras estoy en casa, no sabéis como lo valoro y lo que lo disfruto.

Después de comprarlas, nos dirigimos a hacer fotos con este look en el que llevo uno de mis abrigos fetiche de la temporada. Como sabéis soy una gran fan de la firma gallega Mekkdes, y unas de las prendas que más me gustan de sus colecciones son los abrigos, son super especiales.

Además chicos, hoy estáis de suerte porque tenéis el 20% de descuento en toda la web sin pedido mínimo con el código SALES17… si teníais en mente haceros con algo de la firma, no hay mejor momento. Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.


Coat: Mekkdes (au/w 16-17) (here)
pants: Zara (au/w 16-17)
sneakers: Golden Goose deluxe brand (here)
bag: Valentino (old)
sweater: Zara (au/w 16-17)


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