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Good morning Maldives!
I have been to several tropical destinations since the beginning of this year but hats down to this one!… I guess it is fair to say that the Maldives have won the golden medal thus far. 
We’ll be sending your way many pictures and videos but as we’re still shooting, you’ll have to be a bit patient with us. However and as I don’t want to leave you hanging out dry, I took the liberty to patch up some things together in order to let you have a sneak peek into our first day here. 
Going back to today’s post, I believe it is also fresh and original… The skirt / pants that you see me wearing in these pictures is from Monica Cordera comes out from a dream. I have always loved to keep classic yet elegant items in my wardrobe. They serve as a great base to build up a look for a special occasion. Indeed, they can make an elegant outfit when combined with the appropriate garments and accessories. The Klein blue of the pants combines perfectly with this fur clutch that I haven’t been able to use much since I acquired it last year. This seemed like a great occasion to make use of it.  The tight top has also proved to be a good fit for this look. 
I hope you enjoy the photos and will be looking forward to your comments :)!

Buenos días desde Maldivas. He estado en muchos paraísos en el último año…pero probablemente este se lleve palma hasta el momento. Estoy deseando comenzar a compartir fotos con vosotros en el blog y el video que estamos grabando. De momento me encanta poder enseñaros un poco de este paraíso a través de mis redes sociales, espero que seáis pacientes.

Volviendo a las fotos de hoy, el pantalón/falda que llevo, de la firma Mónica Cordera que llevo es un sueño. Me encanta contar con prendas clásicas pero con un toque elegante en mi armario, ya que suelen ser muy útiles como base para acudir a eventos especiales combinándolas con diferentes prendas y accesorios. El azul klein del pantalón combinaba perfecto con este clutch de pelo que tengo desde el año pasado y al que no he podido dar mucho uso y también con este top ajustado. Espero que disfrutéis de las fotos. Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.


pants: Mónica Cordera (au/w 15-16)

top: Monki (more here)

shoes: Mango (old)

clutch: Asos

sunglasses: Dior


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