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Good morning from Vigo!

I’ve been wanting to visit home for some time now. The fact is that between work, upcoming projects, travels and moving in my new house (yes still dealing with that :S), I wasn’t going to get much of an opportunity to visit home. So I decided to take advantage of the few uncluttered days in my calendar (until Sunday) to try and enjoy this trip to the fullest. On the other hand, I can’t wait to tell you all about my next trips and projects. We’ll be doing big things with big partners and when we do, you’ll literally flip out!

Today’s photos have turned out great! I believe we have the lighting to thank for… Another reason why I like those pictures is because of the style. The idea was to go all out on basics. This look can easily be duplicated with whatever garments you have at home. As I always say, I usually like to put on special tops and dresses during the summer time. I really like anything with small details such as crochet or lace. For example, the top in the pictures is from Buylevard’s latest collection. I could easily wear it every day of the week in all sorts of different combinations. If you have an insufficient budget to buy expensive clothes this summer, you should ideally invest in clothes that can be used in a versatile way.

I have put on this style with a simple pair of skinny jeans, my marvellous Aquazzura sandals (with those colourful pompons that give them so much character) and my classic Channel bag. I hope this post has helped you find some inspiration and will be looking forward to hear your comments on it. Have a great day!

Buenos días desde Vigo! Estaba deseando pasar unos días en mi tierra, aunque la verdad es que tengo tanto por hacer en la nueva casa, tanto trabajo y nuevas cosas que están comenzando que no voy a poder estar aquí todo lo que me gustaría. El caso es que los pocos días que me quedo (hasta el domingo) los voy a aprovechar a tope. Por otro lado ya tengo ganas de contaros mis nuevos destinos y proyectos con firmas que os van a alucinar.

Las fotos de hoy me encantan, por su luz… y porque llevo uno de esos estilismos 100% básicos y que podéis reproducir con vuestras propias prendas en casa. Siempre digo que en verano me encanta contar con tops y vestidos especiales, con detalles en crochet, encaje etc. Por ejemplo como éste top que llevo de Buylevard, de nueva temporada, y que facilmente podría llevarlo cada día de la semana combinado de formas diferentes. Si tenéis un presupuesto reducido para comprar ropa de cara al verano, lo ideal, es pararse a seleccionar prendas que te puedan aportar muchas posibilidades a la hora de combinar.
Yo he construido este estilismos con unos sencillos jeans pitillo, mis maravillosas sandalias Aquazzura con pompones de colores que le aportan un toque especial al look, y mi bolsito clásico de Chanel. ¡Espero que disfrutéis con las fotos! Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.


top: Buylevard (s/s 16) (HERE)
jeans: Black Orchid
bag: Chanel
sandals: Aquazzura (s/s 16) (HERE)


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