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Every now and then, I talk about my new found love for exercising. It’s been more than a year since I’ve picked up on training and it has now become a part of my weekly routine. As such, part of my life has now become linked to the Metropolitan gym . For those of you who don’t know it, Metropolitan is a chain of fitness establishments that is now well established throughout Spain. It is conveniently located in many Spanish cities and I have found that to be really convenient as I travel all over the place. So wether I go home to visit my family, travel to Barcelona for work or to see my boyfriend, I always have many locations to choose from.

As to my favourite location, I would say it is in Madrid, within the Eurobuilding. It is where I feel most comfortable working on my various exercise routines. Another great thing about that location is the spa. I would regularly go there to relax after a good workout (might as well, right? :)).

When it comes down to my choice of establishment, I guess what has attracted me to sign up with Metropolitan is the wide availability of locations and operating hours. This convenient access is like carrying the gym alongside me during my many trips. It makes life easy especially for all those who live a nomadic life like myself :).

Sticking with the workout topic, I had previously shared photos of my new Adidas Pure Boost and I wanted to keep sharing their latest campaign called “I’m here to create”. It highlights the themes of creativity and innovation and inspires us to push our limits through sports.

This is a message that I have believed in and have adapted it literally in my personal and professional life. I am passionate of what I do because my job allows me to constantly create, innovate and better myself. This path is obviously the tough one. To keep challenging yourself is a tiring but o so rewarding path. Refusing to get out of the comfort zone can often be destructive because it kills your drive and motivation in life (which are strongly correlated to happiness). For all these reasons, I strongly identify myself with Adidas’ campaign and have chosen to share their message through my various social media accounts.

On this note, I’ll leave you to check out the videos that were made by Kalie Kloss and hope you enjoy those. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them.

See you all tomorrow :)!

Ya os he contado en muchas ocasiones cuanto me gusta entrenar. Desde hace más de un año se ha convertido en parte de mi rutina semanal, y también se ha convertido en parte de ella los gimnasios Metropolitan, que como sabéis están por toda España. Cuando viajo a Vigo a ver a mi familia, el gym me está esperando, cuando viajo a Barcelona por trabajo o para ver a mi chico, allí tengo infinidad de opciones para entrenar, y especialmente, mi favorito en Madrid: El Metropolitan Eurobuilding, donde suelo entrenar y donde me siento más cómoda para desarrollar mis ejercicios de forma tranquila (y de vez en cuando pasarme también por su spa, ¿Porque no?).
La amplia disponibilidad de horarios y de ubicación de los centros es lo que más me atrae, es como llevarte siempre el gimnasio contigo. Eso te facilita mucho las cosas, si vives con la casa a cuestas como yo…

Por otro lado, y como ya os mostré hace unas semanas mis nuevas Pure Boost de Adidas, no quiero dejar de compartir con vosotros su última campaña I´m here to create o Estoy aquí para crear, que habla de la importancia de dar rienda suelta a la creatividad, de innovar y de enfrentarnos a nuestros miedos a través del deporte.

Algo que desde los comienzos de Lovely Pepa siempre he defendido es que me apasiona mi trabajo porque me permite crear continuamente, innovar y mejorar. Creo que lo más fácil en los tiempos que corren es destruir o intentar destruir a los demás, y lo más complicado, lo que más esfuerzo requiere sin ninguna duda, es crear por uno mismo, y por eso me he sentido tan identificada con su campaña, y feliz de poder compartirla a través de mi medio con vosotros. Os dejo con uno de los videos de la campaña, el de la modelo Kalie Kloss. Espero que lo disfrutéis.

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sneakers: Adidas Pure Boost


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