snapshots of the week 48

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1.- Pepa enjoying the sun at the terrace, 2.- thanks a lot identify for my new bracelets, 3.- buying some new clothes, 4.- feeling cozy at home


1.- one of my favorite desserts, 2.- nails of the week: my Paprika is hotter than yours by OPI,  3.-little piece of heaven at home, 4.- getting ready with my new iphone case thanks to


1.- starting the day with a big smile, 2.- shoes & bag of the day,  3.- wearing Lovely Pepa x Krack red booties,  4.- so in love with Givenchy eyeshadows


1.- mommy I´m sure you can´t find me here hahah, 2.- working at Krack, 3.- wearing my favorite coat, 4.- prepparing my third collection Lovely Pepa x Krack, everything is almost ready!! #excited


1.- beautiful sky, after some days raining, 2.- Pepa & me, 3.- new babes,  4.- mmmmm


1.- hi!!, 2.- Habemus Pepam,  3.- Pepa & Pumba enjoying the sun one more time,  4.- love this breakfast!


1.- love this part of my closet, 2.- hello babes!, 3.- I just love this place at my hometown, 4.- wearing white & beige


1.- good morning everyone!, 2.- look what I gifted to my parents! it´s perfect for Esteso,  3.- Spring, I want you so bad!, 4.- Pepa feels so comfy at home

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