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Hey guys!

Today, we’ll going over my latest upload on YouTube. In that video, I’m talking about my usual makeup routine or in other words, the one that I do everyday. Watching this video, you will also hear me talking about the various products that I normally use for that. Before getting started, I would like to slip in a couple of comments about that video.

First of all, it is the first video of this type that we produce. Therefore, apologies for any detail that hasn’t been done to perfection. I’m taking note of your comments and learning on how to improve for other times.

Also, it seems I got mixed up with some of the product names and more specifically about all those made by Urban Decay. While talking about the latter, I referred to the brand as Naked (which is the name of a series of products). Therefore, should you be looking for those products, please disregard this error. I’m leaving the actual links to those products below, should you wish to check them out.

Finally, remember that I am not a professional makeup artist. Therefore, I do many things my way (which is to say poorly). I’ve made this video as so many had asked for me to share my personal routine. Taking all this into account, I hope that you’ll enjoy it and I would be very happy to hear about your thoughts and requests / suggestions on other beauty videos.

Thank you for your support and for following! xoxo

Hola chicos,

el post de hoy es para compartir mi último video en youtube, donde os muestro cómo suelo maquillarme en mi día a día y cuáles son los productos que suelo utilizar. Quería comentaros rápidamente dos cosas acerca del video:

Por un lado, es el primer video de este tipo que hacemos, con lo cual, disculpad si hay algunas cosas que no han salido perfectas, pero aprenderemos a hacerlo mejor en las siguientes ocasiones…

Por otro lado me he confundido con algunos de los nombres de los productos de Urban Decay, haciendo referencia a Naked, así que no tengáis en cuenta este nombre, sino el de UD. Más abajo os dejo links correctos a casi todos los productos.

Por último deciros que no soy una maquilladora profesional, probablemente hago muchas cosas mal, pero este es el maquillaje con el que me veo bien y que me funciona a mi personalmente. Espero que lo disfrutéis y que me digáis si os gustaría otro tipo de videos de maquillaje. Espero vuestros comentarios.


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