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Good morning everyone!

I know many of you enjoy talking about beauty products. Therefore, today, we’ll be switching topics from mainstream fashion and focus on that. As you know, I’m a big fan of Rituals. It is one of my favourite spots when it comes to buying cosmetics both for personal care or even for the household. Recently, I was nicely surprised by their latest collection titled “The Art of Skin”.

This latest series of products is made with plant extracts and is perfect for the skin. After applying these products to my face, I now feel closer to what I perceive as my ideal appearance.

I would have to say that out of the products featured in this collection, one of my favourites is the “Mid Eye Make Up Remover“. It is especially relevant to me because I would often need to remove my makeup after going through regular and long photoshoot. Therefore, choosing an adequate make up remover is very important in preserving the area that surrounds the eyes. It helps preserving the skin and prevents premature wrinkles from appearing.

When it comes to removing the make up from the rest of the face, I usually use the “Sensational Soft Cleanser”. It is a cleaning gel that is made with extracts of Aloe Vera. It helps eliminating makeup leftovers and other residue on the skin.

For the last step, I would use the tonic (that is when I am not clumsy enough to forget about it).

Finally, in today’s post you will see two creams. My favourite of the two is the “Sensitive Skin Night Cream” because it is free of parabens (a major plus because this type of compounds tend to irritate my skin).

So what about you guys? What is your special beauty ritual? Looking forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts 🙂

Buenos días chic@s! Hoy comparto con vosotros un post de belleza, que sé que también os encantan… Como sabéis soy una gran fan de los productos de Rituals, es una de mis tiendas favoritas para encontrar productos de belleza y para la casa. Mi último descubrimiento ha sido su nueva gama The Art of Skin.

Esta gama está basada en componente de origen vegetal y son perfectos para el cuidado de la piel y me están ayudando a conseguir un rostro perfecto.

Uno de mis favoritos es el Mid Eye Make Up Remover; ya que muchas veces, tras una larga sesión de fotos necesito un producto que sea súper cuidadoso con el contorno del ojo, que no debemos olvidar que es una zona especialmente sensible y que tenemos que cuidar muchísimo para evitar arruguitas prematuras.

Para el resto de mi rostro utilizo Sensational Soft Cleanser que es un gel limpiador con estracto de Alóe Vera y que nos ayuda a eliminar maquillaje e impurezas.
Para terminar (y siempre que me acuerdo, porque soy muy despistada, utilizo el tónico)

Mi crema favorita de las dos que os enseño en este post es Sensitive Skin Night Cream porque está libre de parabenos y eso es un plus para mi piel que tiene a complicarse con granitos de vez en cuando.

¿Cuál es vuestro Ritual de belleza imprescindible?




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