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Good morning guys!

Today’s post is dedicated to Beauty… As you know, she’s very intimate with Yves Saint Laurent‘s cosmetics (which so happen to be Beauty products). Therefore, it only makes sense that I would be sharing some of YSL’s novelties such as their new Vinyl Couture mascara which comes in 9 different shades.

A couple of months ago, I was working on a project with YSL. The result was a video in which we went for makeup works that were more daring and different from what I got used to seeing on my blog. Each colour represented a character. The one that was bestowed upon me was “daring”. I truly enjoyed that project because I always thought that in order to go forward in life any person should take some risks and challenging themselves to get out of their comfort zone. I guess that for a girl, daring to change your makeup can be part of that philosophy. Indeed, you never know when you’ll win your bet.

So how about you? Who are you going to be today? Which is the colour that defines your character? Those are some of the questions that YSL has thrown our way in order to help us discover ourselves. So go ahead and share with us, I know I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the topic. Enjoy the post and see you all tomorrow!

Buenos días chic@s! El post de hoy va dedicado a Beauty, y es que como una buena amante de los productos de belleza de Yves Saint Laurent estaba deseando compartir con vosotros el lanzamiento de su nuevo producto: su nueva máscara Vinyl Couture en 9 colores diferentes. Hace ya un par de meses, estuvimos trabajando con YSL en este video en el que me veis con unos looks de maquillaje más atrevidos y diferentes a los que os tengo acostumbrados. Cada color representa una actitud, y la mía es “atrevida”. Me encanta porque siempre he pensado que hay que ir hacia adelante y arriesgarse con algunas cosas, entre ellas el maquillaje, porque nunca sabes cual puedes ser tu apuesta ganadora. ¿Quién eres tú hoy? Esa es la pregunta que lanza al aire YSL, y que me encantaría que constetarais en vuestros comentarios, ¿Con qué color o con qué actitud os quedáis? ¡Espero que disfrutéis de las fotos y de los comentarios!













_JP38800 make up by Kley Kafé photos by Jorge Puente


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